Did Stalin Murder Lenin? by Jacob Heilbrunn

You can have a glimpse into Sokurov’s creative answer to the same question by watching his film Taurus










Did he do it? He would not be the first subordinate to seek to polish off his superior in an authoritarian system. History is replete with examples of a seemingly dutiful understudy scheming to remove his mentor. Continue Reading

We live in a better age (hopefully)

- Someone cut my strings! I am leaving Vienna today!

- Do you have enemies, Senor Paganini? You can’t possibly!

- Everybody has enemies, Senor, the genius is always hated.

FROM Paganini (life and death)


Empty Cargo


1962, 85 min., b/w, wide screen

Drama, Literary Adaptation

Based on a short story by Sergei Antonov, the film centres around a young journalist Sirotkin, who is on a work trip to Siberia. Sirotkin wants to write a feature story about a driver Khromov, but uncovers illegal dealings of the company’s director instead.

The life of the journalist is in danger from the very driver he is writing about.

The film was awarded the Silver Prize and the Diploma of the International Film Festival in Moscow (1963).

Director: Vladimir Vengerov, Screenplay: Sergei Antonov, Camera: Henrich Marandzhyan, Production designer: Viktor Volin, Music: Isaak Schwartz, Sound: Yevgeny Nesterov

Cast: Georgy Yumatov, Alexander Demyanenko, Tamara Syomina, German Kachin, Svetlana Kharitonova, Anatoly Papanov


Control your feelings! … from In Love By Choice:

“Work on yourself! Control your feelings! We work on everything, but our own feelings. They are like wayward children. They do whatever they like! Somone insults you – you get insulted, makes you laugh- you laugh. But where, where are you? What’s YOUR choice?”

In Love By Choice

Love at first sight … from Amphibia Man

“Ichtyandr: I saw you once and I love you.

Guttiere:  So, is this love at first sight then?

Ichtyandre: Is there any other kind of love?”

From a very romantic and touchy Amphibia Man 


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