Planet of Storms

Planeta Bur
Year of production: 1961
Run time: 72 min. col.
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Sci-fi, Literary Adaptation


The film is about a Voyage to Venus, disaster in space, catastrophic landing, rescue mission, cultural differences (US-USSR), origin of species and a close encounter with a Venusian. A true mother of all sci-fi and a real classic.

Credits Director: Pavel Klushantsev, writers: Aleksandr Kazantsev, Pavel Kushantsev

Cast: Valdimir Yemelyanov, Georgi Zhzhyonov, Gennadi Vernov

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Aleksandre Kazantsev was well-known in Russia for his science-fiction novels that are usually based on his solid knowledge of physics and cosmonautics. If you read Russian, you can download his works here: or you maybe lucky to find one of his novel translated into English — “The destruction of Faena.” He wrote “The Planet of Storms” in 1959. And it was destined to become a film that would make it across the ocean to the US (in the middle of the Cold War!) albeit in bits and Planet of Storms of Storms.

Gleb Panfilov, the director of the Planet of Storms Pavel Klushantsev collaborates with Aleksandre Kazantsev to produce a space adventure that also questions Darwin’s theory of origin of species on Earth. Action and philosophy merge here. There is a curious juxtaposition of profit seeking vs. friendship, and a bit of the Cold War, more like a Cold competition, in the background. It is definitely the blockbuster of its time now, available with decent English subs

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