Valery Chkalov

Valery Chkalov
Year of production: 1941
Run time: 89 min. b/w
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1941, 89 min., b/w

Biography, History, Drama


Director: Mikhail Kalatozov, screenplay: Georgy Baidukov, Dmitry Tarasov, Boris Chirskov, camera: Alexander Gintsburg, production designer: Alexander Black, misic: Venedikt Pushkov, sound: Arnold Shargorodsky, Yevgeny Nesterov

Cast: Vladimir Belokurov, Semyon Menzhinsky, Kseniya Tarasova, Vasily Vanin, Boris Zhukovsky

The film is about a Soviet aviator Chkalov, who in the mid 30’es made the first nonstop flight from Moscow to the Far East of 9 000 kilometers. He then repeats the feat, performing a nonstop transatlantic flight from Moscow to the USA across the North Pole.

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